Monika Lovas is an Amsterdam based fashion designer and stylist. She graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2012 with a collection entitled "It is not that red". She also holds a degree in Economics and in German linguistics.

She followed various internships at Belgian pattern atelier D'andt and at Dutch womenswear designer Anne de Grijff; collaborated with Dutch womenswear and textile designer Conny Groenewegen.

In 2016, she opened her knitwear brand LOV-S, featuring reasonably-priced, high quality, timeless knitwear that speaks to modern men and women.

She draws inpiration from haute couture, fashion history, contemporary dance and textiles.

She creates new textiles by using machine knitting, weaving, diverse silkscreen printing techniques and hand embroidery.

She firmly believes that fashion is more than just clothes: construction, fit, fabrics and above all emotions make modern clothing that is different.

We are living in a time when people expect so much from fashion. Even in the space of five years, fashion has evolved so much. Perhaps we are all trying a little bit too hard because there are so many of us now. There are so many brands. And you think to yourself, I have to do something amazing, every time. But we are losing the fundamentals of what clothes are about...
... Garments that are steeped in love and technique, that will stand the test of time.

Antonio Berardi