DUALS by Individuals

Ready-To-Wear collection for Autumn-Winter 2012

Motto: "What time could this be?"
[Colien Stetson: A Dream of Water]

Photography: © Team Peter Stigter
Clothing and Accessories Design, Styling of Catwalk and Lookbook Looks: Monika Lovas together with the Design Team of INDIVIDUALS Generation 12

A ready-to-wear collection designed, produced and branded by a group of 23 students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. GENERATION 12 of the label Individuals looked at the current youth culture, at the London riots, at the times we live in. DUALS refers to the constant duel between oneself and the outside world, between faith and insecurity.

Catwalk Presentation at Amsterdam Fashion Week, 26 January 2012
Exhibition Presentation of the DUALS collection at Trend Union Paris, France, 28 February - 5 March 2013