So Long and Thanks for All The Fish II

Textile design

Motto: "The world's about to be destroyed | There is no point getting all annoyed | Lie back and let the planet dissolve."
[excerpt from the main theme song of the movie The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy]

Textile Design & Styling & Photography: Monika Lovas

Watch out for those who use the words So long and ... when saying their goodbyes! They mean it.

Before leaving Planet Earth the dolphins sing the above great song in the 2005 science fiction comedy The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The lyrics carry pessimistic-realistic undertones but the joyful bigband style presentation of the notes makes it superbly absurd. I tried to translate the feelings outlandishness, absurdity, depression and humour into textiles. It resulted in three different subgroups which are all interconnected.

The second subgroup of textiles is named All the fish. Naturally, these textiles are the most connected to the vital element of fish: water. Clean water means life and it might just not be there, in the not too distant future ...

Clean and dirty, net, wet, floating were all keywords during the process of creating these textiles. Heat press transfer, shibori dying, Graphixscan laser engraving, knitting, embroidery and a combination of these were the main techniques used here.

Presentation at Studio 13 Amsterdam, 25 January 2011