Crossing Roads

Graduate Collection Extended

Motto: "Complete Silence. Everything that lives is still. Are the hills going to march off? Will heaven fall upon us? Will the Earth open under us? We don't know. We don't know, for a total eclipse has come upon us... But... but no need to fear. It's not over."
[excerpt from the movie Werckmeister harmonies]

Photography: Isolde Woudstra
Hair and Make-up: Maike Kopka
Model: Felicity
Clothing Design: Monika Lovas
Styling: Monika Lovas and Sladjana Pengic

For an international fashion competition the graduate collection was extended with new looks and a cinematic feel to it.

The woolen outfits have been made possible with the support of Woolmark International Pty Ltd.

Portfolio Presentation, March 2013.