It Is Not That Red

Textile design

Motto: "It's not the red of the dying sun | The morning sheets surprising stain | It's not the red of which we bleed ... It's not that red"
[Einstürzende Neubauten: Sabrina]

Textile Design & Styling & Photography: Monika Lovas

These textiles were created for the graduate collection It is not that red. 90% of the looks in that collection were made out of textiles either designed or altered by me.

In my design process I started to paint with open acrylics on transparent sheets of plastic. This paint remains fluid for a longer time than regular paint, especially between layers of plastic. The way the different shades of red moved into each other as I touched the plastic, became the basis of the digital print. I received a sort of camouflage print containing different shades of red from poppy red to burnt umber. To give more depth to the print I also created a silkscreen print and used it on the already digitally printed fabric.

Since I used the different hues of only one colour, red in the collection, it was really important for me to experiment with the colour on different textures. This led to unusual fabric combinations as: silk chiffon combined with latex; silk gauze fused with cool wool, or two types of leather glued together with an aluminium foil. I also used non-conventional fabrics like recycled parachute material or foil printed, heat-pressed wool and leather.

Developed during March – May 2012 and October 2012.