It Is Not That Red II

Editorial Photo Shoot of Graduate Collection

Motto: "It's not the red of the dying sun | The morning sheets surprising stain | It's not the red of which we bleed ... It's not that red"
[Einst├╝rzende Neubauten: Sabrina]

Photography: Isolde Woudstra
Hair and Make-up: Maike Kopka
Models: Channa and Colien
Clothing Design and Styling: Monika Lovas

The collection 'It is not that red' is inspired by the memories of butoh dancer Isamu Ohsuka.
When the atomic bomb exploded over Hiroshima, Ohsuka's mother was pregnant with him. As he recalls: "The sky outside became pink first, lavender purple after, and at the moment of the explosion it became deep blazing red. Although I was in the womb of my mother I still remember the colours."

It fascinated me how a child experiences war while being in the most protected place possible. All he sees are colours. It is a very cruel but poetic image on war. I imagined the woman carrying this child as a survivor, her strength stood as hope for me. The emotional aspect of this story was very important to me, throughout designing the collection and in the photographic presentation as well.

The woolen outfits have been made possible with the support of Woolmark International Pty Ltd.

Catwalk Presentation at Fashion Transit Graduation Event, World Fashion Centre Amsterdam, 29 June 2012